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            Featured Article : Think Like An Optimist

            Many experts will tell you that when you change the way you look at things, you will change your life - and it's true. If you're sitting around expecting the worst of things, you'll be certain to find the worst of things. You'll find all of your mistakes along the way to your goals. You'll notice all of the problems with your plan. And then you'll stop trying because you've noticed that everything is going wrong.

            This is where a lot of people fumble on the way to their happiness and the changes that they want to make. By trying so hard to recognize the bad things in their life, they forget about those things that are working well.

            For just one day, try to see your life through the eyes of an optimist, a complete optimist. This might seem silly at first, but what you're doing is bringing another perspective, an objective perspective into your view of the world.

            Optimists look at the world as though it only has good things to offer and in that thinking, they see the opportunities for learning and growth, rather than the obstacles in their way. Instead of getting upset about the car that cut them off in traffic, they hope that there wasn't an emergency that caused the driver to need to go so fast.

            Optimism takes practice. What you might want to do is start thinking about your life as though it were the life of a good friend that you have. When you sense that something is wrong in your day, try to change your thinking to being more positive. For example, when your friend loses his or her job, you don't tell her that it was because they were the worst employee (though you might tell yourself this), you tell them that it wasn't their fault and that there must have been another reason.

            When you start treating yourself and your life the way that you would treat a good friend, you start to see possibility in life, rather than problems.

            An optimist is simply someone that strives to look for the good in everything. Just for today, you can try to do the same. Is it a realistic way to be every day? Who knows? But what you are doing is allowing your life to be as wonderful as you want it to be, and maybe as wonderful as it already is. You just weren't looking for it.


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